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Protectology BioSativa®

The Ultimate 100% Natural Cleaner

Protectology BioSativa®

Powerful, Versatile and 100% Natural, Protectology BioSativa® effectively strips grease & general soiling from boats, vehicles, bikes, industrial & household surfaces. Simply dilute the liquid to suit the job. Biosativa® includes innovative surfactants which possess enormous cleaning power.

Biosativa® is very safe; non-corrosive to paint, plastic or other materials; child and pet-friendly and 100% biodegradable with a Green Apple Award for environmental best practice.

Protectology helps you select the most appropriate dilution option and can advise on application method and best practice, including specific mixtures for dealing with more difficult cleaning challenges.

Suitable for

  • Household
  • Agricultural
  • Marine
  • Vehicles
  • Industrial
  • Kitchen
  • Waterways

Ultimate performance

Powerful cleaning action


For pets, children, surfaces, and the planet


Multiple cleaning applications
    • Removes oil, grease and dirt
    • Neutralises odours
    • Incredibly versatile with multiple uses
    • Non-corrosive to paints, plastics or other materials
    • Non-toxic for the environment, humans and animals
    • Does not harm any organisms
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Contains ingredients from controlled ecological farming
    • Green Apple Award winner for environmental best practice


How can the cleaner deep clean when there are no chemicals in it?

The Bio materials we use reduce the surface tension of the dirt and oil attached to the surface you are cleaning, allowing an easy release of them.

How do I dispose of any oil I have cleaned off a surface with it?

The Bio materials we use will continue to break down the oils, even when they are washed down a drain. Effectively acting as drain unblocker, but without the nasty chemicals.

What if I have a really dirty surface?

The Biosativa can be used at a stronger dilution rate, with warm water – it can be even used in pressure washers.

What’s a Green Apple Award for?

This is to demonstrate the cleaner is completely environmentally friendly, contains no harmful chemicals and wont hurt animals or wildlife.


Diluted as per instructions into spray bottles for use in kitchens and bathrooms. After using this in our kitchen and bathroom, it got out just about all of the spots, marks, stains, gunk, dirt and other assorted junk. Smell not strong, nothing overpowering. Overall, I'm very pleased and definitely recommend this cleaner.
- Amazon Customer

Why Protectology?

  • Ultimate Protection

  • Ultimate performance

  • World Class Technology

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