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FloodmatiK Flood Barriers

14th & September 2022

Birmingham NEC

Visit us at stand FIZ-4

Flooding is now common, widespread and is getting worse due to climate change. Most victims of flooding feel unprepared and are caught out by the shortness of time to prepare. Those who are elderly or infirm need help to prepare. 

FloodmatiK has developed a range of patented automatic flood barriers to suit both the commercial and domestic markets. They are unobtrusive and durable buoyant structures that deploy automatically in response to surface water or groundwater flooding. 

Rising like a drawbridge they tip to the vertical, closing onto a seal before the water level reaches the defence threshold. Thereafter, on-seating water pressure pushes the barrier onto the seal to ensure water-tightness. 

After flooding the barriers drop onto the cushion of water before settling safely on their bearings as the water drains away. No electrical, mechanical or manual intervention is required. Power failures often coincide with flooding.

This illustration shows the commercial barrier in concept. It is fully designed, detailed and costed by our preferred manufacturer. The vehicle deck allows passage of heavy goods vehicles over a waterway or drainage channel. A carriageway width of 5.5 m and a defence height of 1.4 m is shown. Other bespoke designs can be prepared on request. This arrangement shows an area defended by earth banks and concrete walls with day to day access. The barrier facilitates automatic closure in the event of flooding. In public areas suitable hazard warnings, such as those at a level crossing, would be required. 

The illustrations at the top and bottom of this page show the domestic barriers before and during flooding. They are easy to install to new build or retro-fit to existing properties. Normally unobtrusive, they are designed to operate reliably, even without regular cleaning. Massive buoyancy overcomes the build-up of grit and grime in normal use. As with the commercial barriers, the designs are proven both by mathematical and physical modelling and our mobile demonstration unit is available to show our designs in action. 

Climate change is now an accepted global emergency. Fluvial and coastal flooding has already increased as predicted, and this is expected to accelerate. 

The market is not just local, it is global. It does not only include a few houses and retail parks. Whole cities are under threat around the world and the subterranean infrastructure on which they depend will be the first to go under. 

FloodmatiK barriers can add substantially to the range of options available to defend against flooding and the patented concepts are applicable to any scale of defence that is required. 

The pictures shown are illustrations. We are inviting expressions of interest from firms to partner with us to bring these innovative automatic flood barriers to the global market. 

Watch our Flood Barrier Video

Did you know that 5.6 million UK Properties are at risk of flooding every year? FloodmatiK Float Up Barriers provide an automatic, unobtrusive protection against flooding. 

Please ask for the Business Opportunity and Technical Report for further details.