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Liquid Glass Screen Protection

The Ultimate protector for any windscreen

Liquid Glass Screen Protection

Our Liquid Glass Windscreen Coating uses the latest nanotechnology to protect your glass, making it tougher, easier to clean and less susceptible to grime and dirt.

Water will bead on the screen making it easier to see through when it’s raining, and at night, glare from oncoming headlights and other lighting will be reduced.

You’ll notice your screen doesn’t need cleaning so often and when you do clean it, no chemicals are required.

The liquid glass coating is easy to apply; everything you need is in the pack and it only takes a few minutes to apply. The coating is suitable for all kinds of vehicles including vintage cars, caravans, lorries and boats and will last 12 months.

Ultimate Protection

Toughens your screen

Easy to Use

No special equipment needed

Improved Performance

Safer driving
    • Strong hydrophobicity (water beads off)
    • Significantly better vision in rain
    • Increases transparency for SAFER driving
    • Reduced glare and light distortion at night
    • Self Cleaning Effect for higher visibility
    • Easy to remove bugs and insects
    • Reduces Stone Chip Damage
    • UV-stable with enormous abrasion resistance
    • Resistance to temperature changes
    • High durability - up to 20,000 km / 12 months under normal conditions
    • Suitable for front and side windows
    • The kit Contains a Green Apple Award Product
    • 2 x Protectology BioSativa Surface Cleaner Sachets
    • 2 x Pre-Cleaning Wipes
    • 2 x Windscreen Coating Wipes
    • 1 x Microfibre Cloth
    • 2 x Application Gloves

Watch our videos

The ultimate windscreen protection kit

Windscreen coating in the rain


Why does the rain bead off when your coating is added?

Because the Liquid Glass Nanotechnology coats the windscreen with a greatly improved smoother surface than your windscreen, making it super smooth.

How does it make the window easier to clean?

The nano coating creates an almost invisible layer which makes the glass much smoother – you will see when the rain beads off, instead of smearing like normal. Consequently any normal dirt will be cleaned off with far less effort.

Why does my window look damp in the morning?

That’s because the moisture has accumulated, and rather than dry out onto the glass. That means you can flick your wipers on to quickly reveal you clean screen again.

What if I go through a car wash?

Our liquid glass coating will stand the abrasion of most properly serviced automatic car washes, and will continue to enhance your vision whilst driving.

Can it be used on the inside of the windscreen?

The Liquid Glass Coating can be used inside the windscreen, to make it much easier to clean.

Condensation is caused by warmer moisture inside the car, when the air is cold on the outside of the windscreen.

Make sure there are no moisture traps inside the car, like a blocked water drain pipe from the air conditioning evaporator, stopping the water getting out.

There are other products which claim to do the same, why is yours different?

There is sufficient material in our packs to keep you windscreen coated for twelve months, the alternatives might blast just one month when compared.

How do I know that this material won’t harm my windscreen?

Protectology’s manufacturing partner has just won The Best Global Liquid Glass Technology Coatings award 2020, which means we are providing the best there is in the world.


Being very sceptical on what I put on my vehicle I was so impressed with the results of liquid glass windscreen coating excellent visibly in wet weather. A must buy product.

- Customer

It was so easy to apply the Liquid Glass windscreen coating and then the following day drive through the rain and see the beads of water disperse giving me clearer driving visibility. Great nanotechnology.

- Customer

I used the kit on my 4x4 Landrover Freelander as the large windscreen get covered in bugs. After treating the windscreen with this product the bugs just come away with the windscreen wipers and visibility is so much better especially when driving in the rain. 

- Customer

Why Protectology?

  • Ultimate Protection

  • Ultimate Performance

  • Chip and Crack reduction

  • World class nano technology coatings – satisfaction assured

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