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Our Products

Award Winning Liquid Glass Coatings to Protect Any Surface

Protectology Phone Sanitiser

Clean, protect and sanitise with the world's No.1 nanotechnology mobile device sanitiser.

Protectology Windscreen Protector

Our highly advanced coating has been specially developed for the demanding requirements of your car.

Quantum Quartz Ultra-Coating Solution

Quantum Quartz Ceramic Coating is the ultimate way to protect your car’s paintwork.

Protectology Screen Protector

The world's leading invisible screen protection for all mobile devices.

    I used to worry about dropping my phone in fear of it cracking the class – this coating helps me have a much better peace of mind, excellent product, excellent service!

    Peace of mind at last! A bespoke sanitiser for my mobile phone, fully tested to operate 24/7, makes me feel safe from viruses getting on it. Great service, crisp and clear packaging. I’ve even used one sachet on my laptop as well, and that feels cleaner and safer too.

    It was so easy to apply the Liquid Glass windscreen coating and then the following day drive through the rain and see the beads of water disperse giving me clearer driving visibility. Great nanotechnology.