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Phone Screen Protection PRO10

Enhanced performance for mobile phone screens


The world's leading invisible nanotechnology protection for all mobile screens.‚ 
The Protectology PRO-10 liquid glass Phone Screen Protection protects your screen against cracks and scratches, greatly reduces harmful cell phone radiation and is anti-bacterial.
With Protectology Screen Protection, your device will become Biostatic; bacteria find the surface to be inhospitable and so bacteria development is impaired. A perfect base for our 3 month phone sanitiser kits.
Independently tested and proven to offer enhanced performance for phone screens:
    • Our 9H Coating Adds 30% Hardness
    • Impact resistance - Provides 33% greater resistance to impact
    • Crack and Scratch reduction technology
    • Anti-Bacteria Means Less Germs
    • Radiation Protection - Reduces Y wave radiation by approximately 90%
    • Anti-Shatter Nano Technology
    • 100% bubble free
    • Water repellent
    • Easy 3-step application
    • Scratch resistance - Coated glass offers 43% greater scratch resistance and significantly reduces micro-scratches
    • Suitable for all phone brands and also Edge mobile phones.
    • Lasts approx. 1 year with normal usage
    • 1 pre-cleaning wipe
    • 1 Nano-coating wipe
    • 1 micro-fibre cloth
    • 2 x application gloves


Why choose liquid glass over standard tempered glass screen protectors?

Liquid Glass protects the phone screen from scratching and cracking, whilst at the same time allows traditional feel, touch and vision. Tempered glass is cumbersome in comparison , and does not allow the user to scroll as effectively.  In addition the liquid glass coating provides an easy to clean surface which is also biostatic and therefore prevents bacterial growth.

Can I Use This on My Other Devices?

Yes, absolutely! Our liquid glass protective coating not only works on any mobile phone device but it can also be applied to your laptop screen, desktop computer screen, tablet device and gaming console screens such as Nintendo Switch.

Can Liquid Glass be removed?

Liquid Glass is designed to be exceptionally durable. Once applied to a correctly prepared surface the liquid glass will be invisible and therefore difficult to discern. If for any reason one wished to remove the coating the process would involve using a glass polishing compound . If for some reason there is uneven wear on a surface an additional layer can be added.

Does liquid glass fill in scratches and cracks?

Liquid Glass is a true nano scale technology. The coating, when fully cured, is approximately 500 times thinner than a  human hair. The coating will fill micro scratches which you can't see but it will not  "smooth over" larger scratches. The coating will not fill cracks.

I have applied the coating as per the instructions, and now its dried I can’t see any film, why is that?

The nanotechnology we use is so small, it cannot be seen with the human eye, yet has created a membrane to protect your phone screen from smashing or cracking under normal everyday use.

Can I put your sanitiser on top of the screen protection coating?

Yes, the sanitiser will work perfectly on the nanocoated surface, giving not only protection against viruses, but will make the screen touch smoother as well.

If I keep cleaning my screen, will the coating wear off?

The coating will remain effective for approximately one year, no matter how many times you clean it or use your fingers to scroll over the screen.

What happened to the phone on the video?

That phone belongs to the boss, and he still uses it every day!

I haven’t seen this coating before, has it been used anywhere before and how do I know they work?

Our PRO 10 screen protection is made using the same nanotechnology as Boing use on aircraft windows, it extremely tough and proven technology for that application.

How can you tell me that some microscopic coating can be invisible, yet protect my phone screen from scratching and cracking?

We have all seen an invisible virus attack the health of the world. Our invisible nanocoating will considerably help stop scratches on your screen, and in turn stop cracks developing, and the glass breaking.


Clear instructions on how to apply and the finished result looks much better than my previous plastic screen protector. Had it on for 2 months and no scratches so far.

Recently bought your liquid glass screen protector. Super fast delivery and it’s brilliant. I’ve been so happy with it. Many thanks.

I used to worry about dropping my phone in fear of it cracking the class – this coating helps me have a much better peace of mind, excellent product, excellent service!

Why Protectology?

  • Ultimate Protection

  • Satisfaction Assured

  • Scratch reduction technology

  • World Class Nano Coatings

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