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Inspection Chamber Housing 
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Product Design Consultancy


Paul has vast experience of designing rotationally moulded products and has received smart awards for his challenging achievements. One such being the design and development of a full sized 1000Litre IBC, inside another IBC - in a totally sealed system.

Here the inner container held a viscous liquid, which was kept at the right temperature by heat transfer oil encased by the outer IBC, incorporating a heating element, and a four way entry pallet base, whilst allowing the contents of the inner container to flow out past the skin of the outer IBC, via a ball valve.


Protectology was approached by Drainfast to design a range of underground inspection chamber housings. Six in total for a range of different pipes and fittings.


Understanding the needs of the customer to maintain regulation compliance whilst differentiating the range from known competition.

The challenge was to improve on what's already out there in the open market, and to design in such a way that the manufacturing process could easily demould the product, resulting in much fewer rejects, therefore enabling the products to be manufactured cost effectively


Drainfast wanted, compliant, neat looking products which could be easily manufactured, transported, and stored safely. 

After design approval, we even made a trial tool with one of each sized outlets to facilitate initial tests to ensure we had perfectly calculated the material shrinkage - so the pipes (including the 600mm diameter riser) would seal to the required pressure.

How can we help you?

If you have a vision or a wish, to develop a new product, or indeed refine an existing one using the process of rotational moulding then, with 25 years of hands on experience in a diverse range of markets, Paul can tune into your wavelength and present various options to develop an innovative solution.