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Protectology Donate Mobile Sanitiser Kits to Fowey Harbour Authorities

17th August 2021

Protectology are proud to have donated 75 Mobile Phone Sanitiser kits to Fowey Harbour Authorities for the protection of the Harbour Crew’s phones, two way radios and laptops.

With just 20 seconds of physical contact, your laptop screen can become home to one million germs. These invisible pathogens are everywhere; they’re on our hands, in the air and if we stay still for long enough, they manifest themselves even on hard surfaces like our office desktops.
The Protectology Screen Sanisiter kits are a revolutionary, proven and easy way to kill the germs, viruses and bacteria that live on our screens and surfaces.
With just one wipe, a thin layer of liquid glass is deposited on the surface, whether it’s a phone screen, laptop screen or radio set, immediately providing slow-release, active protection 24/7.

We hope that the Fowey Harbour Crew stay safe with the peace of mind that their devices are actively safeguarded against bacteria and viruses this summer.