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Upgrade your screen protector

15th September 2022

As our mobile phones keep getting bigger the chance of damaging the screen increases and so does the cost of repair or replacement.  Increasingly, mobile phone users are buying screen protectors to look after their precious devices, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement screen.  It makes sense!

However, there are downsides.  Anyone who has had a plastic or glass screen protector will know what I’m talking about.  Air bubbles under the protector, reduced touch screen sensitivity, specs of trapped dust and unsightly, rough edges around the protector are some of the common problems.  And if you’re doing it yourself, just trying to line up the protector so it matches the phone screen can be quite a challenge.  Of course, you can go to your local mobile phone accessory shop, and they will do it for you (for an extra charge), but even then, after a few weeks the bubbles seem to start to appear.  And I haven’t even mentioned how often you have to clean the screen to remove fingerprints!

It's nine years now since I bought my first “ultra-thin” screen protector for my prized iPhone 5, and the range of products on offer hasn’t really changed since then.  In the time that Apple have launched 9 new versions of their iconic mobile phone, (the iPhone 14 is due to launch this month), the thing we use to protect them hasn’t changed at all – doesn’t that seem strange?

The good news is there is an alternative.  Now you can upgrade your screen protector as well as your phone.  Nano technology liquid glass coatings will do everything your old-fashioned plastic and glass protectors did, much better and with lots of additional benefits too!  Oh, and it doesn’t cost any more either.  Isn’t it time you upgraded?

If you’re wondering what on earth a nano technology liquid glass coating is, the simple answer is that it’s an incredibly thin (500 times thinner than a human hair), invisible layer of glass that protects your phone screen in the same way as a traditional screen protector, only better.  If you want to get into the detail, our earlier blog article has more information. The first thing you’ll notice about the Protectology screen protector is how easy it is to apply, just follow the simple instructions on the packet or watch our short video and you will be amazed how straightforward it is.  A recent customer said “OMG!! It's so easy to use, you just wipe the screen with the wipe and leave to dry overnight.”  Another commented “The instructions were very clear and straightforward to follow. Everything that you need is included, and the application was easy.”

When you’ve finished, you will have a bubble-free, dust-free screen that looks just as good as when you bought your phone.  Your friends, family and colleagues won’t believe it’s protected!  One of our reviewers said “leaves mob screen looking and feeling great to touch”. “If you are used to touching the screen and hate the finger prints all over it defo give this a try” was the verdict of another happy customer.

Hopefully you never have an accident with your phone, but with our screen protector you have the peace of mind that the 9H hardness adds 30% hardness to your screen.  You can see it being thoroughly tested in our video made with our boss’s own phone which he is still using

When you are using your newly protected phone you will realise that you don’t get so many fingerprints, you don’t have to clean it as often and that the touch sensitivity and scrolling experience are much better than with the solid plastic or glass protectors.

In normal use, the nano technology liquid glass protector will last at least 12 months, and then you can just apply a new one, no need to unpeel your old-style protector.

Click here to upgrade your screen protection today.