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Graphene Commercial Applications

Fire Retardancy

Building Construction

Timber constructions are naturally associated with fire risks. And are traditionally treated where required by some kind of fire retardant coating. Anything built before 2010 is likely to have a fire retardant coating containing a brominated hydrocarbon which is now banned in most countries. The reason for this is the noxious gases it disperses during the activation process. So while you might not burn to death, the gasses may swiftly grab hold of your windpipe while you are trying to escape.

How Graphene Helps

By integrating graphene into approved materials, it is possible to create a coating which acts as an oxygen barrier. Furthermore, because of its excellent thermal conductive properties, the graphene dissipates the heat away from the source evenly causing less stress in the substrate material. Meanwhile, no noxious gasses are given off.


  • House Building
  • Wooden Cladded Buildings
  • Fire Doors
  • Timber Framed Buildings