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Graphene Commercial Applications


Fiberglass Manufacturing

Large prefabricated swimming pools and leisure boats are traditionally made from fiberglass. During the design of both these items, certain thicknesses are required to achieve the strength for each application. The thicker, the longer to produce, the longer to cure, and the heavier to transport around - all impacting on the carbon footprint.

How Graphene Helps

By integrating Graphene into the process, the fiberglass can be made 30% thinner to achieve the same strength, which means quicker to produce and therefore less labour, faster to cure because the thickness is less, giving more output per day, whilst reducing the carbon footprint as the weight is also be reduced by approximately 30%. Water absorption drops massively and an inbuilt element of fire retardancy kicks in.


  • Leisure
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Automotive