Why The PRO10 Is The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Screen Protection

Protect your Nintendo Switch console screen from scratches, cracks and dirt with this easy application protective coating. 

Your Switch screen needs protection. The Switch’s screen is plastic, meaning it is not necessarily incredibly resilient. Although this makes it more pliable and immune to shattering, it’s also more prone to scratches. The solution? Protectology Liquid Glass Screen Protection.

When carrying around your Nintendo Switch, it's easy to scratch, smudge and even crack your screen. Luckily, it doesn't cost much to get the protection you need to avoid having to make pricy repairs later.

Whether you're at home or on the go, you can enjoy your games console knowing that it is protected from daily wear and tear, and even grubby fingers. But why should you choose liquid glass over tempered glass? Tempered glass protective coverings are prone to bubbles and can easily crack, immediately losing its effectiveness. Liquid glass is easy to apply, attaches seamlessly to your device and is 100% bubble-free. Our Liquid Glass Screen Protection adds 30% hardness to any screen and actively continues to protect your screen over the weeks and months to come, without harming your Nintendo Switch. It's the ultimate protection. 

Need even more convincing that this is the best protection for your gaming gadget? Our coating is also proven to reduce contamination from Bacteria. Once you have applied the liquid glass coating to your device screen, you'll have peace of mind as you slide your Nintendo Switch in-and-out of its dock and when travelling around. 

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